A new energy saving care home in Brampton is a just a few months away from completion.

Developers, LNT Care, have told John Healey MP that work on the former fire station site on Knollbeck Lane is on schedule and is due to be finished by the end of March.

The two storey care home will provide 66 rooms as well as well as 25 parking spaces, a library, garden and cinema for residents.

John and local councillor Denise Lelliott were recently shown around the site by LNT Care’s Regional Director Anthony Thompson and Development Director Nick Broadbent.

John said: “It’s great to see that work on the care home is almost complete and that developers are looking to finish on the site at the end of March.

“What’s also important is that a former derelict site is being brought back into use and creating local jobs in and around Brampton.

“The developers have said they’ll be looking to start local recruitment soon after the building work is finished.”

Hoober Ward Councillor Denise Lelliott said: “The new care home will be a great use for the site, and it was good to see the progress that’s been made on the building work.

“The home is a welcome addition to our community in Brampton and I look forward to it opening its doors to residents later in the year.”

The care home will be energy saving with LNT Care Developments removing gas from all of their sites.

Power for the home is supplied through 424 solar panels which are in place on the roof.

The development is on schedule to open in around three months’ time creating over 50 local jobs on the former fire station site.