What do MPs do?

john healey and kidsI am one of 650 MPs elected to represent their constituents’ interests in Parliament.

We scrutinise the government and are responsible for making and repealing laws. We also debate issues. You can visit Parliament’s website for more information. These pages may be particularly useful to young people or schools.

Some MPs are also ministers or shadow ministers and have responsibilities within a Government department or in Opposition.

What can my MP help with?

You can contact me with problems or concerns connected with Parliamentary or central Government matters. This could be issues linked to government departments, like the Department of Health, tax or benefit problems or queries or concerns about government policy or legislation. I may be able to help with your problem or find out information for you by contacting a Government minister on your behalf.

If your issue or concern relates to services provided by your local council – such as housing, schools or waste collection – it is best to contact your local councillor.

Find out more about Rotherham councillors and Barnsley councillors >

Why should I vote?

People choose their MPs by voting in general elections. These elections are crucial because they decide who will be in government and give everyone a say in how the country will be run in the future. The party with the most MPs forms the government.

Elections work best when everyone takes part and votes. If you don’t vote, you are having no say in issues as important as the NHS, schools, how much tax you pay and how we look after the environment.

How do I register to vote?

Almost everyone in Britain aged 18 and over is qualified to vote. However, you must register before you can do so.

Register to vote in Rotherham and Barnsley

Tours of Parliament

I can organise visits to Parliament for schools, groups and individuals who live in the Wentworth and Dearne constituency – just contact my office. Please note tours are not available on Thursdays.