John Healey called in to look at the hard work of horticultural students at St. Pius X Catholic High School in Wath.

Pupils have been planting and growing vegetables and flowers as part of a project that not only helps students learn but also brightens up the school grounds.

Following a visit to look at the work being carried out John Healey said: “This is a wonderful project that youngsters at the school have really taken a keen interest in.

“Speaking with those students involved I could see how enthusiastic they are about the work that they are doing and how knowledgeable they have become from carrying out real hands-on learning.

“The flowers around the school site add a splash of colour to the environment and it’s clear to see that those involved take pride in growing the vegetables and tending to the flowers. I’m sure the lettuce, onions and carrots the students gave me will make a very tasty salad.”

Pupils involved are working towards their BTEC in Horticulture and have set up an allotment at the school as well as planting and tending to flowers around the school site.