South Yorkshire’s four local authorities and the Sheffield City Region Mayor have put together a programme of works to better protect the region from flooding, and asked the Government for £271m of funding.

It follows the floods in November 2019 which affected 1,000 homes and 565 business in South Yorkshire. This includes many in Kilnhurst, Parkgate and Wath, in the Wentworth & Dearne constituency.

John was appointed Floods Recovery Minister after the 2007 floods, and has written to the Prime Minister urging him to support the programme, which includes schemes to protect homes and businesses in Kilnhurst and Parkgate.

He says in the letter: “With this detailed proposal drawn up, what we need now is for Ministers to play their part.

“As Prime Minister, your absence from flooded communities in the North leaves us questioning your claims about “levelling up”.

“People in my constituency fear their homes, businesses and schools will be devastated over and over again.

“I know from my experience as Floods Recovery Minister in 2007 that as the flood waters go away so does the media attention, but people have to live with the problems brought by flooding for months and sometimes years afterwards.

“So now is precisely the time for you and your Government to confirm you will continue to stand with flooded communities, by making the funds for future floods protection and prevention available and bringing forward planned works to start this year.”