Wentworth and Dearne MP, John Healey, has backed Primark’s plans to halve its carbon footprint and improve the lives of the people who make the company’s products.

John recently visited the store at Parkgate Shopping to see their new recycled product ranges designed to reduce fashion waste and keep down prices. He also talked to staff and heard how the Parkgate store is one of the company’s top UK performers.

Around 25 per cent of Primark’s clothes are currently made from recycled or more sustainable materials, with the company pledging to make this 100 per cent by 2030.

As a next step, a range of men’s, women’s and kids’ t-shirts will be made with sustainably-sourced cotton next year, with a big expansion of Primark’s sustainable cotton programme which has trained 160 000 farmers in more efficient and environmentally-friendly methods.

John said: “It’s good to see Primark taking fashion waste and environmental protection seriously. Customers want low prices and high environmental standards, and this is a challenge for all big retailers.

“Our Parkgate store is one of Primark’s top performers in the country, with strong sales and many of their Rotherham staff staying with the company longer than in other places.

“Primark’s new strategy sets standards for the wider clothing industry, not just for the company. It also good to see the company cutting its carbon footprint, as well as pursing a living wage for workers in the supply chain and promoting equal opportunities for women.”

To help reduce fashion waste Primark will also be making changes to the design process to ensure their clothes can be recycled at the end of their life, and they’ll be working to improve the durability of clothing so it can be worn for longer.