Following the announcement that Yorkshire Bank plans to close 9 branches in Yorkshire, John urged the CEO to reconsider shutting the Parkgate, Rotherham branch.

In a letter to David Duffy, he argued that the loss would be a further blow to an area that was already reeling after job losses at Tata steel.

Here is the letter in full:




Dear Mr Duffy

I was dismayed to see reports this week that Yorkshire Bank plans to close 9 branches in Yorkshire, including the Rotherham Parkgate branch which is in my own constituency. And I am writing to you to ask for details of the rationale for this decision, what assessment you have made of the consequences and what provision you will make for customers that lose their local bank.

This business is very much at the heart of the community and is a trusted institution in the town.

Many who bank at the branch are elderly people who live locally, including those who would struggle to adapt to modern banking practices and rely on the personal service. The branch is just round the corner from Tata’s Aldwarke steel plant, which has seen over 500 redundancies in recent months, so this decision of Yorkshire Bank’s is a further blow to a local area already reeling from the loss of jobs and services.

With everything that’s happened to this community in recent months, closures like this are becoming increasingly difficult to take. Yorkshire Bank has in the past been a symbol of stability and optimism and now, more than ever, the people of Parkgate need the consistency this local branch provides.

I would urge you to review the case for closure of the Parkgate branch, as I believe that at a time when public trust in the banking industry is still so low, local branches like this are vital to rebuilding and maintaining confidence with customers.

As I am sure you understand, the people who are served by the bank and the staff who will be relocated, will rightly be very concerned about this announcement.

They deserve a full and frank explanation of this decision and its impact.

I look forward to hearing back from you on these points.

Yours Sincerely