Over 100 Dearne Valley students grilled John on a range of political issues from the NHS to Isis as he took questions from young people during a visit to the local college.

Speaking afterwards he said: “It was a pleasure to hear from the students today and I was impressed with their knowledge of and current affairs.

“Places like Dearne Valley College are doing an amazing job at inspiring young people and giving them the skills to reach their potential.

“The visit today was really about supporting what they do and hearing from everyone at the college – staff as well as students – about the issues that are important to them.

“I was encouraged that so many people asked to know what the facts were about Britain’s membership of the EU, which shows that they want to be informed about the debate ahead of the EU referendum.

“There were also questions on lots of other topics from the minimum wage, to the future of the NHS, to the threat from Isis.”