The Labour Party has pledged a bright future for UK steel, with its plan to make the UK a world leader in clean green steel with a long-term programme of investment in clean steel technologies delivered by its National Wealth Fund.

A Labour government will ditch petty Tory game playing and work to give the steel industry its future back. Steel communities across the UK, like Rotherham, will play a central role in a mission to drive economic growth across all parts of the country.

Wentworth and Dearne MP, John Healey, said: “For 13 years, the Conservatives have failed to back Britain’s steel industry. The Government has let the industry decline, offshored jobs, and damaged communities. Their failure has undermined our economic security and resilience.

“The sector has lurched from crisis to crisis under the Tories, with a repeated cycle of bailouts and takeovers with no proper strategy to secure the sector’s long-term future.

“Our local Rotherham steelworkers are the best in the world, highly skilled and passionate about their industry, battle-hardened after years of facing adversity, and ready to continue delivering for their industry and our country.

“Labour’s plan for green steel will cover the whole industry and will be open to all available clean steel technologies, working in partnership with the workforce as our greatest asset in delivering a world leading sector.”

Labour has outlined a decade long programme of investment in all available clean steel technologies, which will invest alongside industry in new innovations to make the UK a world leader in clean steel.

The party will put the workforce at the heart of its offer and will work in partnership with workers to deliver a proper strategy for steel, alongside plans for a new deal for working people.

As industry has highlighted, almost every aspect of the UK’s decarbonisation plan is steel intensive, with 10 million tonnes of steel needed over the coming years for offshore wind, solar, nuclear, hydrogen and more.

With plans to get Britain building Labour will also create opportunities for UK steel, with the Shadow Chancellor outlining reforms to the planning system to quickly and cheaply deliver critical national infrastructure like rail and roads.

Labour’s plan to do, make and sell more in Britain is a commitment to use strategic procurement for industrial strategy. The party has set out plans to help British businesses win more government contracts, using stretching social, environmental and labour clauses in contract design to ensure British businesses and industries like steel are recognised for the high standards they meet.

John added: “Our steel sector, shipyards, aerospace and materials industries are national assets vital for sectors like defence and we will ensure as much of our equipment as possible is designed and built here in the UK.

“This will be combined with Labour’s energy security plan to lower energy costs and drive long-term competitiveness. For too long, our steel industry has been held back by energy costs that are higher than our European competitors.”

You can read more about Labour’s plans here