The government has announced plans to close 78 jobcentres, including Goldthorpe in Rotherham.

John Healey, MP for Goldthorpe, said: “The Goldthorpe job centre provides vital local job search help and benefits for local people. Many will find it much harder and more costly to get this support if the government close the Goldthorpe office.

“Ministers simply saying Mexborough’s not far away and people can get on a bus is no answer for those that depend on this service, and shows a total lack of understanding about how little spare cash many have.

“The frontline staff are committed to the community and know the local area. This helps them do a tough job better.

“I will challenge this closure, and argue the case to keep our job centre in Goldthorpe in the heart of the Dearne.

“This is the final insult from Tory ministers to a proud mining village. The last Conservative government threw a generation on the dole when they closed the pits, now they’re closing the job centre itself. Tory Ministers are behaving like big bank bosses – they’re both closing local offices and turning their back on local people who depend on their service.”