Prime Minister Theresa May has called a snap election for June 8.

John Healey MP said: “Theresa May spent nine months saying she wouldn’t call a snap election, and she’s broken her word. As always, the Tories are putting their own interests ahead of the country’s.

“This election isn’t just about Brexit, as Theresa May says. Britain will leave the EU, so this election is a chance for people to decide what kind of country they want to live in and who their government works for. On the NHS, living standards, schools funding and affordable homes, Conservative Ministers have overseen seven years of failure and been sticking up for the wrong people. The Tories are strong in standing up to the weak but weak in standing up to the strong.

“South Yorkshire has been hit hard by Conservative public funding cuts which areas in southern England have escaped. I’ve worked hard as people’s local Labour MP. I’m determined to continue to fight for investment, protect jobs and safeguard services as Labour’s candidate for Wentworth and Dearne.

“On June 8 people can give the Conservatives a continuing mandate to run down the NHS, schools, wages and housing as they’ve done for the last seven years. Or this election can be the chance for a fresh start with Labour.”