Young people get chance to debate with MPs

John Healey MP is taking part in an online debate giving teenagers the chance to chat with MPs and other decision makers.

The Heads Up forum is run by the Hansard Society and is live until 22 March.

John has emailed schools, colleges and Rotherham’s Youth Parliament encouraging them to join the 9,000 11-18 year olds signed up.

As it takes place around International Women’s Day, some of the discussion will be around women’s representation in society.

John’s first post read:

“I’d really like to see this debate get going. It’s so important – especially as I sit in the House of Commons facing ranks of men in suits.

“So what do you think of the fact the UK is ranked a lowly 57th for women’s parliamentary representation?

“What do you think policymakers and political parties could do to change this?

“What difference do you think many more elected women MPs would make to our politics in Britain?

“And finally, the men in suits will be out in force on 20 March when the Chancellor George Osborne announces his Budget… what do you think is the one most important thing he could do to show he’d understood and responded to the priorities of women?”

You can view the forum at