John called in to see Nicola Drew and Maggie Warren from Wath who have set up the Support Ukraine Rotherham group on Facebook.

They’ve been inundated with donations from people across South Yorkshire.

They’re arranging for vans to take the donations to Peterborough where the items are then sent on to be distributed at the Poland/Ukraine boarder.

They’re in need of drivers and vehicles to help send items to Peterborough where they are then sent to Poland to be distributed to Ukrainians that are in desperate need.
We see the pictures on TV and social media and many of us feel angry, desperate, and helpless. These are people whose lives were just like ours up until a week ago and now they’re in a war zone.
The work Nicola, Maggie and the thousand others that have joined the group are doing is fantastic. It’s a way to help, support and show solidarity to those in Ukraine during the very dark times that they’re facing.
You can find out more about the group here