Statement from Rotherham MPs on IPSA proposals for MPs’ pay

MPs’ pay is by law now set by IPSA, totally independent of MPs.

It’s right these decisions are no longer for MPs. No one should be able to determine their own pay and conditions.

IPSA’s (Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority) plans for a pay increase are part of a package that is nil-cost to the taxpayer, alongside cuts to allowances and a compulsory rise in pension contributions.

But the IPSA pay rise is wrong at this time when people are going through the biggest cost-of-living crisis for a generation.

There is no change due in MPs’ pay, allowances and pensions until after the next election, and what IPSA announce is unlikely to be in place then because Labour leader Ed Miliband has challenged David Cameron to work with him to stop the IPSA plans. Before that in 2015 any changes will also be reviewed.

If there are any confirmed changes to MPs’ pay, allowances and pensions in 2015, we will consider what they are and whether they’re appropriate in 2015, as long as we’ve first won voters’ support to continue serving as their MPs.

• IPSA’s proposals will be published tomorrow (Thursday 12 December). Details will be on IPSA’s website.