Shadow Energy Secretary Caroline Flint joins Labour campaign against energy prices in Swinton

Labour candidate Stuart Sansome took the campaign against energy price rises onto the streets of Swinton this weekend, with the support of local MP John Healey and Shadow Energy Secretary Caroline Flint.

Swinton resident and Community Union member Stuart said: “This week was the last straw. A typical Swinton family has seen their gas and electricity bills rise by £300 since 2010. But this week, to hear Government Minister on the news saying the Government is cutting bills, made my blood boil.

“Even after David Cameron’s tinkering, energy bills rose by £60 in January. That’s why I want to see action taken to help people with the cost of living.”

MP John Healey said: “I’m delighted to work with Stuart. People are very angry about the relentless rise in gas and electricity prices. The Chancellor could have announced action in the Budget – he didn’t. The Prime Minister could have announced action last week, when Ofgem confirmed all our worst fears about this broken energy market – he didn’t.

“It’s time the Prime Minister froze energy bills. Labour would support this while we tackle the way these companies work.”

Caroline Flint said: “Stuart is right to put his effort into this campaign and I know his anger is reflected by many Swinton and Rotherham families.

“Last week’s price freeze from SSE showed that a price freeze is possible. And it confirmed the energy market is broken, showing that a price freeze is needed for all customers, not just SSE’s.

“That’s why the next Labour Government will freeze gas and electricity prices until 2017 and reform the market to break up the big energy companies and make tariffs simpler and fairer.”