A number of new, fully-costed policies were announced at the Labour Party conference in Brighton, including:


  • New ‘Office for Value for Money’ to check public money is spent wisely
  • Scrap high street business rates and replace with a fairer system
  • £28 billion of green capital investment per year until 2030, to tackle climate change and grow the jobs and industries of the future


  • £3 billion over the decade to green the steel industry
  • Upgrade 19 million inefficient homes – making them warm, well-insulated and cheaper to heat


  • Double current spending on dementia research
  • Thousands more staff and access to mental health treatment in less than a month for all who need it
  • A mental health hub for children and young people in every community
  • Specialist mental health support in every school


  •  Thousands of new teachers
  • A ‘National Excellence Programme’ to drive up standards, supporting struggling schools and boosting the number of outstanding schools in all areas
  • An ambitious covid recovery plan


  • Restore neighbourhood policing and fight anti-social behaviour
  • Police hubs in communities


  • £35m for mental health support for veterans
  • British defence investment directed first at British industry


  • Give first time buyers first dibs on new homes, and stop foreign buyers buying up homes off plan
  • Re-establish the link between affordable housing and average earnings