Joint statement from Rotherham MPs in response to Casey review

In a joint statement, John Healey, Kevin Barron and Sarah Champion said:

“Today’s report on Rotherham Council makes damning reading. It is clear major change is needed and we support the decision of Rotherham council’s cabinet to resign.

“We would like to thank Louise Casey for compiling this report, and we support the Secretary of State’s decision to appoint commissioners to oversee the improvements at Rotherham Council that are urgently required.

“This must be matched with a commitment from David Cameron’s government to provide proper financial support to Rotherham – as MPs we have consistently demanded more resources from government to be forthcoming to urgently get more support for victims in place. This has so far not happened and we repeat that demand now.

“We will continue to fight for the people of Rotherham for improvements in all the agencies responsible for investigating these awful crimes and supporting the victims who are even now still being let down.”