John Healey’s campaign to put a stop to VAT being charged on the sale of defibrillators made national news as it featured on BBC Breakfast.

John launched the national campaign alongside Wath based defibrillator distributor Martek Lifecare and the British Healthcare Trades Association last year.

Under current regulations local groups, sports clubs and charities face a 20% VAT charge when they buy the lifesaving machines.

John Healey MP said: “This extra cost on defibrillators is a tax on saving lives.

“At present, only defibrillators purchased by or donated to local authorities and the NHS are exempt from the tax. This cost can deter individuals, businesses, and community groups from buying the potentially lifesaving equipment.

“Defibrillators bought for use by community groups, charities and sports clubs should be VAT exempt to make them more affordable and help save more lives across the country.”

Early defibrillation with a patient in cardiac arrest greatly improves survival rates. Figures from the British Heart Foundation show there are currently over 30,000 cases of out of hospital suspected cardiac arrests every year with fewer than 1 in 10 people surviving.

You can watch the piece on BBC Breakfast below.