John supports votes for 16 and 17-year-olds

John Healey MP has backed a campaign to lower the voting age.

The Wentworth and Dearne MP met campaigners in favour of votes for 16 and 17-year-olds in a lobby of Parliament yesterday.

Ed Miliband has said the next Labour Government will legislate to ensure 1.5 million more young people will be able to vote at general and local elections.

Mr Healey has long been a supporter of the move. Speaking in Parliament last year, he said it was a matter of democratic principle.

“In this country we have 16-year-olds who can leave school, start work, pay income tax, receive benefits and tax credits , give consent to medical treatment, become company directors, join trade unions, join the armed forces, get married and enter into civil partnerships.

“We regard 16-year-olds as responsible enough to do all those things, but not to vote.

“That leaves them without a democratic voice on many of the things that can directly affect them.”