budget red box_beJohn Healey MP has called on the Chancellor to prove that ‘austerity is over’ in his budget speech next week.

Earlier this month, in her Conservative Party Conference speech, the Prime Minister pledged there would be an end to the 8 years of deep tory cuts to public  services.

The Wentworth and Dearne MP has set out his concerns in a letter to the Chancellor who is due to outline spending and tax plans at the Autumn Budget on 29 October 2018.

John says “Over the last five years the council has seen a cash cut to its annual budget of                                                                                 £62.4 million in rate support alone.

“For most people – as a minimum – ‘austerity is over’ means no more cuts to public services.

“The Rotherham Budget test of the PM’s pledge is £56 million restored to council services over the next three years. This is a modest calculation of the funding cuts that have already been hardwired into the council’s budget by the Chancellor.

“So if ‘austerity is over’ for Rotherham then the Chancellor’s Budget will – as a minimum – make good these cuts to come”

Healey himself has hands-on experience of preparing Budgets as a Labour treasury minister for 5 years and says without action next week nearly £9 million will be cut by the government from next year’s Rotherham Council funding.