A group of Astrea Academy Dearne students have started a petition calling on the school to rethink its decision to close the Combined Cadet Force.

Local cadet, Bradley Saint, contacted John Healey after being told that the group would be coming to an end after forming in 2018.

Bradley said: “We got in touch with John to help us talk to the wider school staff to try and find out why they made the decision to cancel the group.

“We’ve started a petition which has been sighed by almost 400 people so far.

“All we’re asking for is that cadets is reinstated. We believe it’s crucial for developing well-rounded individuals who are ready for any challenges they may face in their lives.”

Around 50 students have been involved with the cadet force at the school and a number of students were also on a waiting list ready to join in Year 8.

The school has said that it could no longer run the group due to the level of staffing required.

John Healey MP said: “I’m working with Bradley, the school and the military to find a solution for the local cadets that have been impacted by the group closing.

“The cadets involved have told me that the programme helps them learn important life skills and provides experiences that go beyond what is taught in the classroom.

“The national Combined Cadet Force celebrated its 75th anniversary last year and it would be a shame to see the group come to an end when there are so many young people in the Dearne keen to join and see it continue.”