Chris Grayling has confirmed to John Healey that he will consider the case for an HS2 Parkway station in South Yorkshire, if the new route proposed by HS2 goes ahead.

The Transport Secretary told John that he will ask HS2 to study possible sites and report back to him by early next year.

The commitment was secured by John in a letter to the new Transport Secretary underlining his opposition to plans that switch the HS2 route away from Meadowhall.

In the letter he also pressed the case for a South Yorkshire station if Ministers do back the new route.

Mr Grayling responded, saying: “…my officials are currently working up the remit for the study on an HS2 station on the M18 route.

“We will formally commission HS2 Ltd to start the work in the coming weeks and I expect the work to be completed in the spring of next year.”

Mr Healey said: “I oppose a change of route for HS2 away from plans for a Meadowhall station which could bring benefits widely across South Yorkshire, and I’ve said this directly to HS2 boss Sir David Higgins and the Transport Secretary.

“This new HS2 route risks the worst of all worlds, with the HS2 running right through but not stopping in South Yorkshire. So if Ministers are going to consider this new route then I want to make sure an HS2 station in Rotherham or the Dearne is part of the plan.”

The pledge comes ahead of a meeting between the Transport Secretary, John and Doncaster North MP Ed Miliband, which is set to take place later next month.

The South Yorkshire MPs will stress their opposition to the new route, voice concerns about its impact and set out the flaws they see in HS2’s case compared to the original route with a Meadowhall station.

They will also urge the Transport Secretary to ensure HS2 does more to examine the problems with community groups and local councils, if he does give the go-ahead for consultation on the new route.

Read John ‘s letter in full here: Letter to Chris Grayling