Reacting to the news that Tata Steel plans to go ahead with the sale of its speciality steel operations separate from other parts of the business, John Healey said:

“Tata’s decision to look for a separate sale of their Specialty Steels business has huge implications for the future of steel-making in South Yorkshire and for its workers.

“South Yorkshire’s Speciality Steel operations, including the Rotherham and Stocksbridge plants, lead the world in the high-quality products they create.

“I’m confident there will be strong interest  in our South Yorkshire steel plants but potential Tata buyers have already confirmed that the EU Referendum vote makes the UK much less certain for investment, which means the Government’s role is much greater in securing a commitment from buyers that guarantees the future of both the Rotherham and Stocksbridge steelworks.

“Minsters must be able to offset post-Brexit doubts about vital access to the single European market and research and development funding. And Government must be willing to step in with more support on high energy costs, R&D investment and safeguarding jobs, as well as taking an equity share of the company if needed.

“I am working closely with other South Yorkshire MPs in meeting the industry minister, Tata bosses, union representatives and local city region leaders to try to get these commitments.”