organ donor cardJohn Healey is backing a Bill aimed at increasing organ donation.

The MP for Wentworth and Dearne has been registered as an organ and tissue donor since 2001.

The Organ Donation (Consent) Bill calls for the introduction in England of a scheme now used in Wales, where adults are presumed to have consented to organ donation unless they opt out. In England, donors have to opt in.

The UK has one of the lowest rates of organ donation consent in Europe.

John said: “Many people who support organ donation and want to donate their organs simply never get round to signing the donor register or having the conversation with their families.

“This could be a way of making more organs and tissues available, lowering waiting lists and – crucially – saving lives.”

The Private Members’ Bill will be presented by Paul Flynn MP on Monday (16 January).

The Human Transplantation (Wales) Act means that people are regarded as having no objection to being an organ donor unless they opt out, but loved ones must be consulted before any donation takes place.

The scheme has saved 39 lives since it was brought in in December 2015.