Decision not to choose Leeds as specialist children’s heart surgery centre

John has expressed his disappointment after the outcome of the ‘Safe and Sustainable’ review and decision of the Joint Committee of PCTs (JCPCTs).

He said: “This will be a real blow to families across Yorkshire who rightly value the good work and care children receive at Leeds.

“I supported the arguments Leeds put forward so it is disappointing that the option chosen did not include keeping LGI as a specialist children’s heart surgery centre.

“Throughout the review process I have been keen to ensure the panel were basing their decision on full, correct and fair information and wrote to Sir Neil McKay, chair of the JCPCT, a number of times.

“Clinicians, campaigners, MPs, councillors in Yorkshire – not to mention the 600,000 members of the public who signed the petition – presented a powerful case and put forward some strong arguments.

“I know concerns remain about the review process and the criteria used to make the decision and I think the JCPCT have a number of questions to answer. I also know that the Leeds Children’s Heart Surgery Fund and local council leaders are planning to appeal the decision: they are looking at ways to do so and I will support them in any way I can.”