New figures from NHS England show that 17% of people in South Yorkshire could not get an appointment to see or speak to a GP or nurse in June.

Meanwhile, data from the NHS reveals that in June, 40,438 GP appointments in South Yorkshire were held a month late, as patients struggle to see a GP when they need one.

When the Conservatives entered government in 2010, they scrapped the guarantee of a GP appointment within 48 hours.

Over the twelve years of Conservative government since then, public satisfaction with GP services has fallen by 39 percentage points – from 77 per cent in Labour’s last year in government, to just 38 per cent now, the lowest level since the survey began in 1983.

 Data from the NHS also finds that 27% of appointments in South Yorkshire aren’t held face-to-face – instead being held on the telephone, via video or online.

 John Healey MP said: “Patients are finding it impossible to get a GP appointment when they need one and I’ve been contacted by people telling me about their struggle to see a GP.

“We need more GPs, but the Conservatives have once again over-promised and under-delivered. This Government is failing to staff our health service properly and people deserve an NHS that can see people on time, not more of the same from the Conservatives.

“Labour will recruit and retain the staff the NHS needs to treat patients on time.”

The Government has admitted it is failing to meet its manifesto pledge to recruit more GPs. Under the Conservatives, the number of GPs is falling, and hundreds of GP practices have closed since the 2019 general election.